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With Labor Day past and the unofficial end of another summer season, we want to take some time to thank our clients and employees for a great 2014 so far. And what better way to head into the Fall months than with a large-scale project with a repeat customer. Humble works on projects of all sizes, but we certainly have some advantages when it comes to big jobs like the one we highlight here.


  Big Projects? Not a Problem.
Project Specs
Central Ohio
Project Size:
100,000 square feet
Project Description: Consolidation Center Expansion to existing manufacturing facility.
Specific Challenges:
Relocating an existing stream that runs thru the middle of the building site while tying the new addition on to an existing manufacturing facility without major interference to plant operations.

While some construction companies might shy away from large projects or call for outside reinforcements, Humble Construction steps up to the challenge. In fact, our customers are so confident in the work we do that they call on us again for their second, third, fourth projects and beyond. That's because we prove ourselves as a reliable and effective resource on every project.

Humble is currently working on a 100,000 square foot expansion for a repeat client in the automotive part manufacturing industry in central Ohio. But the project requires more than just a simple foundation, four walls and a roof. This project is a Design-Build Project from top to bottom. From past experience, this client knew that Humble had the special skills and experience to meet their unique challenges.

Our Approach:
Research. Design. Build.

In the construction industry there are researchers, designers, and builders. There are companies that research and design, there are companies that build. What makes Humble different is our ability to combine these functions into a turnkey solution.

Research -- We have a commitment to researching how environments help people work, teach and learn more effectively.

Design -- Partnering with designers, we incorporate our findings from research. Research and investment by Humble, designers, manufacturers, and affiliated companies and partners have produced an efficient construction process.

Build -- Using a disciplined construction process. The Humble construction process together with pre-designed building solutions and product assemblies has been developed to deliver higher quality buildings at competitive prices in a significantly reduced time frame.

Four Design Principles
Humble focuses on four fundamental design principles when working with a client on Design-Build projects -- People, Flexibility, Environment, and Speed/Cost. This project is made up of multiple use areas that all require a clear understanding of the client's needs and how the four design principles come into play. The building design will give the client control over productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. The building layout is flexible and changeable depending on the client's needs. Smart choices with materials and design allow us to utilize an environmentally friendly construction process. Instead of lowering costs by cheapening our components, equipment and fixtures, we lowered our costs (and passed the savings on to the client) by using methods outlined for quality, pre-engineering, direct purchasing, and componentization.

Building the structure isn't the only task at hand, however. The project requires major site work like rerouting a stream that runs through the middle of the building area and creating a civil and water mitigation design to meet Army Corps of Engineers requirements. Early progress in this complex project has depended heavily on Humble's team of design professionals unique problem-solving expertise and site work expertise.

The project structure is a pre-engineered metal building that includes a medical clinic, shipping offices, material services, and light assembly areas.

Zero Impact on Production
Most importantly, we've found a way to do all of this without disrupting the client's production. Part of what allows us to achieve this is our ability to build the best team, and to self-perform on large-scale projects such as this.

This project could be considered a challenge, but our long-time client trusted that Humble Construction was the right company to get it done efficiently and without costly downtime in their manufacturing process. For more than 67 years, we've constructed projects of all sizes and complexities. Our clients come to us for more than just construction. They come to us for high performance, quality, and on-time results. And Humble always delivers.

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