Humble Words December 2015


In the construction business, having a reputation for quality work is critical. But like many other things in life, you are judged based on your most recent performance. That's why Humble Construction never cuts corners or compromises on the quality of our work. Every project is an opportunity to impress our client, even if we have worked with them for years.

 Quality, Safety
 and Consistency.

The best indication of quality work comes when your clients call you back year after year to do new projects. We have that situation with many clients and that's exactly what we were doing on this recent press pit construction project.

A longstanding Humble Construction client, who supplies parts to the automotive industry, was ready to add another press to extend their existing production line. This one would be installed about 75 feet from the one we built for them about a year ago. Based on our consistent quality over the years, they called us to do the work.

The construction of concrete press pits is a highly technical project that requires specialized skills and extreme precision. Few construction companies have built more concrete press pits than Humble Construction, and our crews have it down to a science. You could almost say it's a routine project for us -- but only in the way we think of some surgical procedures as "routine." Many things could go wrong. It's only the extreme skill, experience and consistent outcomes that let us consider them to be "routine."


This accuracy is multidimensional. You can have it in the right position, but if the elevation is off, you failed.

Extreme Precision:
When 3/8 of an inch makes a big problem.

Few things in the construction industry require the overall precision that concrete press pits demand. Every connection point needs pinpoint accuracy when they set that new piece of equipment in place. And that accuracy is multidimensional. You can have it in the right position, but if the elevation is off, you failed.

We faced a few additional challenges on this project. We work inside existing production facilities on a regular basis, so we know how to plan our work to avoid any impact on the client's productivity. This time, the working space was so limited, we had to pour all of the concrete using a concrete conveyor because we could not get into the building far enough to safely use the concrete pump.

At the same time, some things worked in our favor. The building owner was very forward thinking in their original construction of the structure, making projects like our press pit construction much easier. And since we completed the previous project, we were familiar with the requirements for tying into the existing scrap tunnels.

In the end, we completed the project in a very economical 12 weeks, setting us up for the next project with this client.

At this time of year, we want to wish everyone all of the joy and happiness the season has to offer. We hope you enjoy the holidays with family and friends and come away with memories that last a lifetime.

The end of 2015 is upon us and everyone at Humble Construction is excited for what 2016 has in store for us and for our clients. There were many new and exciting developments at Humble Construction this year. With that as our starting point for 2016, we are confident that the best is yet to come.


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