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This has been an exciting year at Humble Construction and we appreciate that you take time to read our Humble Words newsletter. This newsletter is one tool we use to tell you about projects we are working on and describe capabilities that you might not know about. So please continue to spend a few minutes with us each month as we share our latest achievements.


  A View from the Top.

In our March issue of Humble Words, we introduced a project that was started in November 2013. We typically wait until projects are complete to report on them in this newsletter. But this project is so impressive, we just couldn't wait.


The project is for a national media company. Our job was to construct three concrete towers that will support advertising banners. But these aren't your typical advertising banners. They are designed to stand out no matter what -- towering 160 feet into the air.

The three towers went up simultaneously, 20 feet at a time. So each time we poured concrete, we added 20 feet to all three towers. That required 130 yards of concrete (13 trucks) each day we poured. Fortunately, we were able to use a concrete pump (as shown below) to get the material to the top of the towers. That saved hours and increased the safety on the job.

When the towers were at half height (80 feet) we paused the concrete work and added the first steel cross beam supports. The support beams were positioned every 40 feet along the height of the towers. This added the necessary stability to continue the rest of the concrete work.

With the three concrete towers completed, they are now assembling the steel that will hold the advertising banners. This is where all of the precise concrete work will pay off. Without painstaking precision on each tower, the cross beams would not line up properly as they span the 50+ feet between the towers.

The towers are configured to from a triangle shape, each tower being one of the points of the triangle. Each banner is 53 feet wide x 120 feet tall and they will cover two of the sides of the triangle. The third side will hold solar panels that will provide electricity to light the banners.

While the extreme height of this project is unique for Humble Construction, (we more commonly pour concrete below grade for machine foundations and press pits) we were selected for the job because of the specialized concrete skills we developed over the past decades. This project did require a few new steps in our safety plan, but we got through the project without incident, as usual.

Humble Construction has started the final stage of this project, which is to construct a three-story office building -- also using concrete. Concrete floors, walls and roof will be the primary structural framework for the building. When that is complete, the building will be finished with large panes of glass and a contemporary interior finish package to create a modern industrial office space look for the customer's corporate headquarters.

No matter what the challenge, customers continue to call Humble Construction because they know they will get the quality they need without shortcuts.

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