Humble Words March 2014


As we write the March issue of Humble Words it's hard to believe that we're through three months of 2014 already. We have to admit that we're happy to see Spring arriving as this winter's weather has been tough on construction projects. But as always, we have worked through it and kept our projects on track. That wasn't easy for an impressive project that we talk about in this issue.


  A New Direction
 for Concrete Work.


Over the years, Humble Construction developed highly specialized skills in concrete work. These capabilities were developed through a wide range of industrial concrete applications, a majority of the work being concrete flatwork and concrete for press pits and machine foundations. Obviously, those jobs require that we dig down before pouring the concrete. So it is a change of pace for us to work on a concrete project that goes up -- way up.


Last year, we were contacted by a heavy civil engineering construction company that knew about our industrial concrete skills. They were working with a national media company to construct three concrete pillars that will be used to display advertising banners. But these aren't your typical advertising banners. They are designed to stand out no matter what -- towering 160 feet into the air.

After the pillars are completed, the media company plans to begin construction of a multi-story office building underneath the pillars that will serve as its new headquarters.

Precision is critical as we go up.
Our job is to construct the concrete pillars that provide the underlying support for these banners. Using a patented concrete forming system designed especially for this application, we will construct the pillars 20 feet at a time. That means there will be eight pours to reach the final height of 160 feet. Timing is critical as we need to maintain a consistent schedule of pouring every two weeks. Each time we pour, we are adding a 20-foot section to all three pillars, and it requires about 40 yards of concrete for each 20-foot section.

One key element is the steel framing that needs to connect between the three pillars. This makes precision critical as the pillars go up, because the framing needs to connect up exactly. Maintaining quality control that high is one of the biggest challenges for this project. But we are confident since this is similar to work we have done in the past (though a few of our crew members prefer to work closer to the ground).

  "There's no doubt that this will be a new landmark in the Columbus region."

  -- Lance Humble

"There's no doubt that this will be a new landmark in the Columbus region," said Humble Construction Co. President, Lance Humble speaking about the advertising towers that will be visible from two major interchanges near Columbus. "This media company has done spectacular work in cities across the country, but this is their home city, so they had to build something that is unique to their brand of advertising. It's gratifying to see how our people are playing a part in that," he said.

This certainly is a challenging project on its own, but to add to its complexity, we have been plagued by lousy weather since we started the project shortly after Thanksgiving of last year. In spite of winter weather making business very difficult for the construction industry, we are back on track again.

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