Humble Words March 2015


As we head into Spring, the activity for construction companies starts to speed up. Warming temperatures and more hours of daylight make a better environment for the work we do. It also sets the timing for school projects that need to be started and completed while students are out on summer break. These deadlines are critical. And Humble Construction is up for the Challenge.


Up for the Challenge:
School Construction

School construction projects bring a unique set of challenges. Everyone understands what drives the critical deadlines -- school must start on time in the fall. But there are other unique challenges in school construction. Humble Construction's ability to look ahead during early phases of the project helps us quickly discover issues that arise during the process so we can keep things on track when schedules are not flexible.

Humble Construction Co. was recently awarded the West Liberty-Salem Schools contract for self-performance of Demolition, Concrete, and Steel Fabrication/Erection on their school addition/renovation project. Humble is up for the challenge because our decades of experience have given us the foundation we need to be successful:

  • our excellent safety record
  • our constructability knowledge -- mitigating problems by looking ahead during demolition and early phase construction
  • our vast concrete construction and steel fabrication/erection experience
  • our proven history of performing work in multi-phased projects with short durations in occupied facilities

This is a two-year project and will include the complete renovation of the existing school plus two additions between existing occupied building wings.

Humble Self-Performs.
As we look ahead at the project that will span 24 months, many things will contribute to completing the project on time. But our ability to self-perform in three key areas will play a key role.

Our approach to demolition has evolved over time as new technologies and procedures became available. But our commitment to superior service has not changed. We assure complete protection for our clients with high limits of both insurance and bonding. We use the safest and most environmentally sound practices. We maintain a safe and clean site. All employees have a minimum of 30 hours of OSHA training with managers processing more. We operate a drug free workplace with random testing based on local, state and federal standards.

We specialize in a variety of concrete contractor services. Concrete has been a key part of our business since first establishing the business in 1946. Since then we have successfully completed more than 6,000 projects ranging in size and scope. We have completed everything from minor repairs to major infrastructure reconstruction such as schools, manufacturing facilities, and office buildings.

Steel Fabrication and Erection
We specialize in taking projects from idea inception to fabrication with all the intricate steps like engineering and detailing along the way. Our steel fabrication division is staffed by a team of estimators/project managers, structural engineers, and craftsmen who plan the whole process. With more than 20 years of experience in fabricating and erecting steel, we have a proven track record that will help us meet the unique challenges of this project.

We look forward to sharing the progress of this project in future Humble Words newsletters.

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