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When Honda took the wraps off its new Acura NSX Supercar Plant (Honda's Performance Manufacturing Center) you got a rare glimpse behind the scenes at some of the work Humble Construction provides to one of our premier clients. Normally our work is out of public view. This time we are able to showcase it.


  Supercar Super Facility.

When Honda made the decision to manufacture the new Acura NSX supercar entirely in-house, they knew they would need a manufacturing facility that could match the NSX's ultrahigh performance standards. To accomplish this, they gathered their best people to imagine, design and engineer the new facility. Then they called on their top contractors to build it.

  "We were honored to be part of the construction team on the PMC. It's a testament to the great working relationship that has developed between Honda and Humble Construction over the past 30 years."

Lance Humble, President
Humble Construction

Humble Construction was chosen for this critical project based on the success we have had on countless Honda construction projects spanning more than 30 years. The industrial tenant improvement services under our contract covered the full spectrum from demolition to electrical, so we were involved in many aspects of the construction.

The new Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, OH is the exclusive global manufacturing facility for the all-new Acura NSX supercar and is structured around an innovative blend of people and technology. "All of the innovative thinking and hard work that has gone into the creation of this state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has fulfilled our goal to build a supercar in America," said Clement D' Souza, the engineering large project leader of the PMC, who managed the creation of the facility.

Industrial Tenant Improvement
Honda chose to repurpose an existing pre-engineered steel building for the new Performance Manufacturing Center. Previously, that building functioned as a parts plant for Honda. But the structure was stripped down and built back up one piece at a time to transform it from the parts plant to the NSX Supercar Plant.

Industrial projects are what Humble Construction excels at. We always focus on our four key construction principles when we are involved with a project: People, Flexibility, Environment, Speed & Cost. Bringing all those together was essential to make this project achieve a bigger result of producing the new Acura NSX Supercar. Our involvement covered all of the following areas:

  • Demolition of existing infrastructure
  • Concrete Pits and Trenches
  • New Concrete Ramps
  • New Mezzanine and Stairs
  • Replace Overhead Doors and Steel Door Jambs
  • Raise section of the Roof
  • New Dock Equipment and installation
  • New EPDM roof
  • Interior Painting
  • Fire protection upgrades
  • Mechanical upgrades
  • Electrical upgrades

We can't imagine a greater confirmation of a client's confidence in our abilities than to be chosen for a project that has such far-reaching impact on the company and the auto industry as a whole.


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