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Retrofitting an existing structure can be tricky. It gets even more challenging when you need to accommodate new equipment that's being delivered on a tight timeframe. And did we mention this needs to be on a concrete platform that's 10 feet above the floor below it? That's the task that was put in front of us, and we delivered a creative solution that saved time and budget.


 Value Engineering
 Makes All The Difference.

When you approach a construction project, it's important to keep an open mind. It can be easy to miss a better solution if you get locked into a traditional approach. Humble Construction's ability to think outside the box and imagine better solutions is an incredible value to any project. It certainly made all the difference for a recent client.

  "Our value engineering allowed us to develop a plan and execute a project that dramatically reduced the schedule duration and overall cost for our client. And the end result probably is a better long-term solution than other options they were considering."

Lance Humble, President
Humble Construction

By the time the client contacted Humble for a proposal, they already had a price from another company. But when we saw the requirements and learned about the timeline that needed to be met, we immediately knew that a traditional approach would not meet the client's needs.

The project's goal was to reconfigure an existing structure to accommodate new equipment that the client had already ordered. The existing building was solid, but it was not laid out in a manner that would fit the new equipment.

Because we have a broad range of experence and the resources to address complex challenges, Humble Construction was able to evaluate the complete package. By working with our structural engineer, we were able to identify a better approach and confirm that the structural integrity of the existing building would not be affected.

Lintel Beams
Traditionally, lintels are structural beams that carry loads over an opening such as a door or window. The lintels bear the load of the wall or structure that is built above it. This construction method has been used for centuries. The ancient structure of Stonehenge is an example.

Humble Construction's idea was inspired by the post and lintel system. Using the existing grid of support posts, we developed a plan to create the elevated concrete deck with a series of precast concrete slabs. The slabs, which were 4 feet x 8 feet, were lifted into place and fastened. With the series of slabs in place, it formed a very effective and structurally sound platform for the new equipment.

The building owner had the equipment ordered prior to the start of our construction process, so we needed to work fast. Plus, we needed to coordinate with the manufacturer of the equipment to guarantee that everything would fit and work properly when it was put in place. Fortunately, our plan reduced the overall project time by several months compared to the plan submitted by the other company, so the building was ready when the new equipment was delivered.

Best of all, our solution was more cost effective.

The bottom line is the client's satisfaction. They were so impressed with our value engineering and our ability to deliver on our plan that they already are talking about having us do the same thing for another building later this year.


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