Humble Words September 2015


Any successful company has a foundation of talented, dedicated people who deliver value to clients. Consistently. Then, in order to grow and continue to serve those clients, you need to add additional people to your staff. For nearly 70 years, Humble Construction has worked hard to find and retain the people whose creativity and persistence deliver well-built projects.

 Building Our Team.

As Humble Construction approaches its 70th year in the construction business, we can look back on the many things we have built. But one thing we are most proud of is the team of employees and subcontractors whose skills and dedication help us to exceed our clients' expectations. Without a top notch team, a construction company cannot grow and do the great work that Humble has accomplished.

Eric Riehl joined Humble Construction as Vice President in September

In that spirit, we are excited to announce that we are continuing to build the Humble team. Eric Riehl joined Humble Construction in September. And while his title is Vice President, anyone who knows Eric will attest to the fact that he won't be sitting behind some big, corporate desk. He already has logged hundreds of miles meeting and greeting clients.

Eric started his construction career 40 years ago when he got a summer job doing residential roof work for a local company. From there, his interest and excitement for construction grew. He spent the past 20 years working for and leading the industrial construction division of the largest self-performing construction company in Ohio.

A Passion for Industrial Construction
Eric's initial responsibilities will be in the areas of preconstruction services and business development. He also will have oversight of quality and safety. The knowledge he has accumulated over the past four decades gives him a unique ability to see solutions for construction projects where others do not. Many companies like to talk about services such as Value Engineering and innovative Building Solutions. Eric takes that process to another level. After working with clients for so many years and seeing what works for the long-term use of the structures, he is able to understand what the business owner really needs and can provide unique, effective and affordable answers. Eric and the team at Humble Construction accomplish this with a focus on four construction principles -- People, Flexibility, Environment, and Speed/Cost.

If you'd like some extra insight on your next construction project, give Eric a call.


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