Humble Word October 2016


Nearly every construction project requires some type of concrete work. Sometimes the whole project literally is all about the concrete. That's when a much higher level of experience is required. Industrial concrete construction is a specialized skill that Humble Construction has been perfecting for 70 years.

 Don't Overlook Concrete

With 70 years of experience in the construction industry, Humble Construction has been through many successful projects. Our extensive experience with concrete projects makes us recognized specialists in several specialty areas.

Concrete Expertise

• Industrial Press Pits
• Equipment Foundations
• Injection Press Foundations
• Structural Floor Slabs
• Precast Concrete Walls
• Sidewalks & Stairs
• Concrete Parking Lots
• Isolation Pads
• Concrete Tunnels
• Containment Pits
• Hydro-Form Press Pits
• Stamping Press Pits
• Concrete Remediation

Structural concrete applications require specialized knowledge and experience. These skills go beyond the obvious capabilities of pouring a concrete slab. So from the project design stage to the final work on the job site, we can work with you and your equipment manufacturer to make sure the job gets done right.

We have gained a special skill set and have developed a level of expertise that sets us apart from other contractors. For example, very few other contractors can show you the same number of heavy structural foundations and press pit construction projects as we have completed. This includes highly specialized projects such as hydro forming and stamping pits that require long-term durability and pinpoint accuracy to ensure proper fitting for the equipment.

But, you don't have to wait until you have a complex concrete project to need the skills that we offer. Our capabilities are equally applicable for more common concrete needs, from dock pits to concrete parking lots. We can handle all your concrete projects, large or small, with the attention to detail that ensures your concrete system will stand up to the long-term, sustained use you need. And we'll keep them all on time and on budget.

     There is no substitute for the experience Humble Construction
      brings to the process. Call us for your next project.


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