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Humble Words is designed to showcase and highlight the capabilities of Humble Construction. Whether you have worked with us in the past, or you are planning future construction needs, we hope the information we provide here is helpful for you.
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Special Projects
Sometimes you don't need a broad-ranging construction project. Maybe your space just needs to be freshened up, cleaned up and shined up.

Humble Construction Company has an entire division dedicated to renovation projects. We can make your old space new again. Just look at these photos and there are others to see on our website.

Give us a call or visist our website before you tackle that renovation project on your own.


Humble Construction has built its reputation around helping companies achieve their construction needs. Over the years, we have confirmed to ourselves that we can provide better solutions and higher customer satisfaction when we take the time to understand who will be using the space and what they will need to do.

For those reasons, we don't just take measurements and draw up blueprints. We spend time with the people involved. Through that process, we can offer our ideas and insights to help you push beyond what you were imagining. We also provide information about how you can save money through simple design modifications or material substitutions.

This is what we did for two recent projects. As you can see from their comments below, both customers were thrilled with the results.
Project Specs
Location: Westerville, Ohio
Project Size: 43,000 square feet
Project Description: 3-story office building
Specific Challenge: Schedule with completion during the winter

“I had 100% confidence that the project would be done on time at the price we agreed upon. Your knowledge and experience in the field of construction is hard to beat.”

- Donald Kenney Jr., Owner, DRK
Professional Insurance Agents approached Humble with the goal of building a high-end corporate headquarters, while keeping costs as low as possible. Humble took time to understand PIA's needs and then offered suggestions that would be more cost-effective, while not compromising quality or appearance. Through Humble's knowledge of new building products and innovative options available in finishes, both the cost savings and satisfaction of the customer were high. In the end, Humble delivered a beautiful, high-end building that represents the company's image.

Likewise, Comprehensive Eye Care of Central Ohio had some specific needs for its new space. The company occupies 8,000 square feet on the 1st floor of this 3-story building. Designing the interior space to meet the clinic's complicated needs was the challenge. Throughout the construction process Humble worked with the doctors to understand their needs. Special consideration was taken for varying sizes of exam rooms and the locations throughout the clinic, as well as lighting, cabinet placement and wall-docked equipment. Humble's ability to listen, understand unique needs, and develop appropriate solutions made the final result comfortable for doctors, clinical staff and patients.
Project Specs
Location: Gahanna, Ohio
Project Size: 15,000 square feet
Project Description: Corporate headquarters
Specific Challenge: Keeping costs low with a high quality final product

See more photos of this and other Industrial Construction Projects on our website.

“From the beginning through the completion of the project, there were no surprises. Our new corporate offices were completed on time and at the price we agreed upon.”

- Jim Bartlett, Professional Insurance Agents
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