Humble Words April 2011

Last month we introduced our new tagline – Raze the Standards. We said a few words describing what it means and why it fits the way we do business. This month describe how our tagline fits us so well because it expresses the attitude that we take into every project. It drives our business philosophy and the value we deliver. It defines the corporate culture that we've developed over the past decades. And it shows itself in the results we create.
Know the Whole Humble
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Humble Construction offers a wide range of services including design/build, design/development, construction and project management, general contracting, procurement and real estate development and financing.

You might think you know the whole Humble, but chances are you don't. Whether you just discovered our capabilities recently or whether you've done a few projects with us in the past, we encourage you to get to know us all over again.

   Raze the Standards

Today's general contractor needs to bring a wide range of services, capabilities and experience to bear on any given project. That's why Humble Construction goes beyond the services that you expect from a general contractor. We deliver services including site management, project analysis and risk resolution, because that's what is needed to ensure the successful completion of your project.

What's more important is how we deliver those services. Our “whatever it takes” attitude gives our clients confidence in what we're able to deliver. And it builds the kind of trust that fuels long-term relationships.

“The statement 'We care' sounds like a cliché, as do many words and phrases we can use. But the fact is, our people do care. I see this every day.”

- Terry Humble
Humble Construction
Team Building.

Most of us have been through them. Team building exercises. The programs designed to make you more comfortable and confident with your fellow team members so you can work together and be productive.

imageConstruction services work the same way. When you have the right team for the job, things go well. As the general contractor, it is our responsibility to produce the best result, safely, and at the most practical price. To do that well, we need to be able to assemble the best possible team for the job. By assessing the needs of the project, we can use our vast experience to match those needs with the capabilities of the resources available to us.

Ultimately, we choose the team for the project based solely on the client's needs and the required outcome. For example, we choose to work with mechanical and electrical contractors that are capable of providing turnkey solutions -- engineering, designing, and constructing projects. Each job has its own requirements, and we know who to bring onto the team to ensure the best possible outcome for each particular project.

One of the most important roles we play as the general contractor is the team builder. We are able to do it better because our core focus is to build a team that can exceed our customer's expectations.

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