Humble Words April 2014


As the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer, activity is really picking up at Humble Construction. But some projects are active for months if not longer before we even break ground. In the April issue of Humble Words we profile a project like that. We broke ground this month on a project that was awarded to us last fall. It was challenging before we started. But that's why they chose us.


  The Right Team to Manage
 Environmental Impact.


Some projects have complex challenges before we ever get to the jobsite. That certainly is the case for a 100,000 sq. ft. consolidation center that are working on for a major client in the automotive industry. We broke ground this month, but we've been working on the project since last fall.

The challenge was to plan and engineer a solution for the site work because a creek flows through the center of the project site. Knowing the sensitivity of the environmental issues we would face, our first task was to assemble the right team to find the best solution. Everyone worked through the critical design process together -- Civil engineers, environmental engineers, wetlands consultants, the site contractor, the Army Corps of Engineers, the owner's representatives and Humble Construction -- to find the solution. As a testament to the team we assembled, we accomplished the work and secured the necessary permits in about a six month period.


Given the scope of the site work planning and engineering, it is rare to accomplish it in such a timely manner. It would not be uncommon for a process such as this to take a year or more. The great relationships between all parties involved and teamwork makes it all possible.

Having said that, the process did have its challenges as we worked through some very difficult environmental issues. There were at least three major changes to the site plan during those six months. But everyone involved knew how to balance the client's needs with the environmental engineering realities that we were facing to satisfy everybody's needs.

Going Above and Beyond.
Humble Construction and our team of engineers and consultants had a clear understanding of what our client needed. Minimizing environmental impact and improving the wetlands was part of that. While it is a natural waterway, this creek was affected by previous construction projects, so our goal is to develop a plan that returns it to an environmentally friendly, wetlands friendly, natural habitat when we are finished. One key to accomplishing this was to engineer a way to slow down the flow of the creek to reduce potential erosion. In the end, the creek will be approximately three times longer than its current length in order to skirt the project site and closely resemble what nature always intended.

The impressive engineering of the site work is worthy of discussion by itself. But the structure we will be building on this site will be equally impressive. The 100,000 sq. ft. pre-engineered metal building will include many features that we will highlight in a future newsletter.

Remember, innovation comes from thinking differently. Give us a call to learn how our business processes ensure we do that on every job.


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