Humble Words April 2015


At Humble Construction, we are very proud of our safety record. First and foremost, it reflects our respect and concern for the people who have chosen to be part of the Humble team. But it also reflects our obligation to manage and complete projects responsibly for our customers. Our safety program is proven to be effective and we dedicate the resources to ensure it always stays that way.


Safety First & Always!

Safety on the construction jobsite goes beyond the equipment. Without a culture of safety, the effectiveness of all other efforts is minimized. Humble Construction developed a comprehensive safety program that includes established plans, protocols as well as monthly, weekly and daily safety meetings. More importantly, we review and update these plans regularly. Currently, every field employee with Humble Construction is certified with either 10 or 30 hour OSHA training. In certain areas, our program exceeds the requirements of OSHA Compliance.


"Safety doesn’t happen by accident."

--Lance Humble

Avoiding the fines that come from safety infractions is important, but it's not what motivates us to maintain a safe workplace. When a client asks us to complete a prequalification process, they quickly come to understand that we value safety as much as they do. With an industry-leading EMR of only .47, our program is proven to help our employees work safer and help maintain our clients' risk management requirements.

Beyond the human considerations of providing a safe work environment, we can define many benefits of maintaining an accident-free workplace including:

  • Earlier Completion Accidents adversely affect productivity and morale.
  • Higher Quality A hazard-free workplace instills pride and quality.
  • Public Relations No negative publicity due to job site accidents.
  • Legal Considerations Legal entanglements are avoided.

Safety Is Good Business.
Every day, we wish for the perfect situation where accidents never happen. Unfortunately, that's just not realistic. The work we do comes with a certain level of hazards that cannot be avoided. What we can do is to make every single worker aware of these risks and train them on how to conduct themselves and methods of work that can minimize the chances of accidents happening.

Humble Construction is a member of many national safety groups including ISNetworld, PICS and Safety Management Inc. We also have been a DFWP (Drug Free Work Place) company since 2002.

Our safety program extends beyond our employees and requires subcontractors to comply to our high safety standards as well. We evaluate each subcontractor's safety program and we research their safety record. If they cannot demonstrate a high level of performance, we do not select them for our projects.

Meet Our Director of Safety

Gary Slagle joined Humble Construction in December 2012 after a 33-year career at the Ohio Department of Transportation. While there Gary served as Transportation Manager III, which gave him responsibility for the oversight of projects from the very early stage preconstruction meetings through finalization.

Gary brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to his position at Humble Construction. His experience running and inspecting large-scale projects for the construction of roads, bridges, and drainage as well as highway maintenance prepared him for the role of Director of Safety at Humble.


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