Humble Words August 2012

As summer begins to come to a close and we head into fall, we once again thank you for taking time to read our Humble Words newsletter. For the past 2-1/2 years we have we have provided information about our projects and capabilities to demonstrate the many ways we can help you with future projects. If you missed our previous issues, you can read them here.

Among the many construction services we provide, Humble Construction has developed a particularly special skill set in industrial concrete applications, such as press pits, tunnels, and equipment foundations. Experience -- there is no substitute! With more than 66 years of experience, we can demonstrate a measurable advantage in price, quality, and schedule that sets us apart from other construction companies. This is especially important when you consider the cost of the equipment and the production flow that depend on the quality of the construction projects. We are the company that people count on for industrial concrete applications.

Experts in Major Industrial Construction.
Currently we are finishing a project for a 1,650 ton Aida Press pit and associated scrap tunnel for an automotive industry customer who has used us for projects in the past. In fact, at least 75% of our business is for repeat customers because they know they can rely on our competitive pricing, our commitment to meeting deadlines, and the quality of our work. Our motto is "Completed! As Promised." And we deliver on it consistently.
Project Specs

20 feet deep, 4 feet thick base, 18 inch thick walls.

8-week fast track schedule of completion.

Humble uses extra "means & methods" of construction to ensure pit does not leak water.

Walls and Slabs on grade have high quality, smooth face finish.

Special detail given to precision layout of pit, piers, and embedded steel.

image When finished, this concrete press pit will be 20 feet deep, with a base that's 4 feet thick and walls that are 18 inches thick. It will be an impressive structure. But what is even more impressive is the efficiency of our construction process and the special attention to safety as our crew dug 20 feet down into the ground, then constructed the concrete wall forms 20 feet tall.

When you have a need for specialized industrial concrete work, give us a call. Our abilities are truly second to none.

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