Humble Words December 2010

As 2010 comes to a close, we want to take the time to thank our customers and business partners who worked so closely with us this year. We also extend wishes for the very best of the season to every reader of our Humble Words newsletter. Happy Holidays!
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Steel Fabrication

Special Projects
If you are planning a construction project and have not learned about the advantages of the design/build construction process, give Humble Construction a call.

Beyond the advantages of convenience and control the design/build process offers:
  • Guaranteed total cost before construction begins.
  • Faster design drawings and construction starts.
  • More flexibility for changes and alterations.
  • Earlier occupancy.
  • Lower total time and cost.

Some construction projects seem to have more than the normal amount of challenges. That was the situation when we were brought in to build an expansion for F & P America’s stamping and assembly facility in Troy, OH.

First of all, it’s important to note that as a supplier to the automotive industry, F & P could not allow the expansion to affect ongoing production. They still had deadlines to meet. To account for that, Humble Construction worked with the customer to carefully plan every phase of the project, step by step, to keep production downtime to an absolute minimum.

The project benefited from Humble Construction’s ability to plan and manage projects well, because the challenges came early and often. One of the first requirements of the expansion project was the addition of a new 2,500 ton press pit. During the excavation for the pit, our team encountered an underground stream. So throughout the process, they worked through the constant flow of water, and the occasional “gusher.”


Another important part of the expansion was the demolition and removal of a large section (250 feet long x 50 feet high) of the existing structure. Before we could just tear it off, we had to build a temporary enclosure along the entire length of the opening to allow the plant to stay operational.

The removal of the precast sheathing had its own challenges, but once we were able to see how the existing structure was constructed, we soon realized that it was not built in a way that would support the expansion. So Humble Construction quickly adapted and built special truss girders that using the existing framing.

While the conditions and challenges were less than optimal, we were able to keep the plant in operation throughout the process and still completed the project within the scheduled time.

Project Specs
Location: Troy, Ohio
Project Size: 30,000 square feet
Project Description: Hi-bay expansion, concrete work for hydro-forming, and stamping press pit
Specific Challenge: Heavy industrial machinery with sophisticated, reinforced concrete requirements and wall relocations with extremely wet conditions and the requirement to avoid disruption of ongoing manufacturing in the plant.

“Your company has been involved with several projects for F&P America over the last six years, and I have been completely satisfied with your performance. Your company is to be commended for its quality, professionalism, and safety on every project.”

- Dwight Humbert,
Facilities Manager,
F&P America Mfg., Inc.
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