Humble Words December 2014


There's an adage that says "it's easier to keep an existing customer happy than to find a new one." These are words that Humble lives by. We challenge ourselves to be at our best every day when we arrive at the job site. We take the success of every job personally, because by earning our customers' trust, we position ourselves for more projects in the future.

 The Importance of
 Satisfied Customers


Our current work load is comprised of 12% first-time customers and 88% repeat customers. These statistics confirm the importance of delivering our best on every project to earn that next job from a repeat customer.

While our performance is important on every project for a customer, our performance on the first project is critical, as we will not be considered for future work if we underperform. Our performance is measured by our competence, timeliness, quality, cost, and trustworthiness.

In the construction industry and, in particular, design-build construction, we manage the risks of our customers related to time, cost, and functionality of the completed project. Humble's experience allows us to offer value engineering solutions during the project development stage and also throughout the remainder of the project. We are able to address or minimize the impact of foreseen potential problems and other construction related problems as they occur. In the spirit of teamwork we often go to the client with a solution to the problem in hand to obtain their input.

  Humble is a lean company. We operate efficiently for the benefit of our customers.

Humble Construction is a lean company. We operate efficiently for the benefit of our customers. Even on our largest projects, we don't load up the site with trailers full of accountants, schedulers, clerical help, etc. as part of the project overhead. Our field management includes a Project Superintendent and on some of the larger projects we also have foremen to assist in the management of our own field forces.

Our company office structure allows our Project Managers to become involved in conceptual design, estimating, and project management, allowing the owner to have seamless contact with key Humble personnel assigned to the project. An Estimator is also assigned to each project to assist the Project Manager in design, purchasing, expediting of materials, and answering questions.

Our company culture is rooted in time and is one of honesty, fairness and respect for individuals. This culture results in very low employee turnover. This benefits our customers by ensuring our key staff members have knowledge of their previous projects. These long-term relationships support our performance on the job site, giving customers the confidence to use us on project after project.

Humble Construction does projects all over Ohio and the surrounding states, and we have the ability to find good subcontractors and manage them as well. It is important to find good local subcontractors and have them refer other good companies to us. We can be demanding of our subcontractors at times, but we are fair and good to work with, developing relationships with them as we do our customers. This provides consistency as we use the same subcontractors when we return to an area or client to perform a facility addition.


We do our best to be "user friendly" not only to our customers but also to all with whom we do business. This allows our projects to be managed and run in a spirit of teamwork, which is efficient and much more pleasant for everyone as compared to other project atmospheres.

By working for repeat customers we are educated in their desired construction methods and expectations. This simplifies the project all the way from conceptual design through project completion. We also can standardize on contract documents with owners, which simplifies and compresses the time for the preconstruction phase.

Humble Construction is financially stable. We have large performance and payment bonding line available to us. But unless an owner has an internal policy requiring such, our projects are typically done without the added cost to the owner for performance and payment bonds.

We are very grateful for the many repeat business relationships we have developed over the years, and you can rest assured Humble Construction will continue to strive to live by our motto: WELL-BUILT. WELL MANAGED. COMPLETED AS PROMISED.

To all of our clients, thank you for another great year, and we look forward to working with you again in 2015 and beyond. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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