Humble Words February 2010

Welcome to the first issue of Humble Words. Our plan is to provide a regular flow of useful information about the jobs we’re working on and those we’ve completed. In doing so, we hope to inspire your next construction project.
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It’s a name…not a “task”. Our Special Projects Division was created with an understanding that we are committed to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. This highly trained group can handle a wide array of disciplines from new construction, renovations, maintenance, and equipment
installations to emergency repairs. And you can be sure that we will maintain a very low impact on your day-to-day operations.

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Humble Construction Company did its first project for Bullen Semiconductor (now called Silfex) fifteen years ago when the high-tech manufacturer needed a new facility. Bullen has been so happy with the work that Humble does that when they need construction work, they just call Humble.

The most recent project, a 215,000 square foot expansion, was needed because their production was becoming hampered. Bullen had outgrown its facility and it had become evident through the fact that their manufacturing process was not flowing logically through the plant. Rather than rushing into the construction phase, Humble sat down with the client and helped to identify an efficient production sequence as it related to the space they had.

Bullen Semiconductor produces silicone crystals for industrial use. To be successful with this customer, Humble had to understand their intricate needs—including the need for an exceptionally clean manufacturing environment. To accommodate this, Humble incorporated epoxy floors and other infrastructure to house their specialized equipment.

Bullen’s manufacturing starts from dirty upstream processes and progresses through cleaner and cleaner processes. However, after the production sequence was established, we discovered the need for vertical circulation of materials. Applying a little creativity to our construction know-how, we solved the problem by using a dumbwaiter system to transport materials vertically.

The height of Bullen’s equipment caused a need for large floor-to-floor heights and the weight required beefed-up joist trusses.

The expansion also required space for new processes. So in addition to the expanded space, Humble developed a means to allow equipment be placed anywhere along the process line with minimal downtime by looping all of the utilities along the production line, which allowed flexibility and ease of hooking up the equipment.

Knowing that additional expansion projects are likely in the future, Humble worked with major sub-contractors (electric and mechanical) to formulate future expansion plans and placed utilities in locations that will make future projects more efficient for the client.

Over the past ten years Humble has completed more than 400,000 square feet in projects for Bullen Semiconductor, including both office and manufacturing space.
Project Specs
Location: Eaton, Ohio
Project Size: 215,000 square feet
Project Description: Two-story addition to existing building for manufacturing
Specific Challenge: Design and build clean space for high technology facility

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“I am very pleased with the results of the building project as we begin to use this major expansion of our high-tech manufacturing facility. We appreciate Humble’s flexibility and willingness to adapt the design as our needs changed and grew.”
- Art Glidden, Facilities Engineer, Bullen Semiconductor

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