Humble Words February 2012

In this issue of the Humble Words, we revisit concrete and check in on a recent project that is just getting underway. It plays to one of Humble's strengths: industrial concrete applications.

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When Rick Nease, a field operations manager with Humble Construction, thinks about a recent concrete foundation that we constructed, he pauses for a moment and labels the work as routine. The truth is, however, that there's nothing routine about Humble's concrete capabilities. There are very few contractors who can show a comparable number of heavy structural foundations and press pit projects as Humble.

Structural concrete applications require specialized knowledge and experience that go beyond the obvious capabilities of pouring a concrete slab. Pouring concrete on an industrial scale means dealing with several inherent challenges, including thermal cracking, form bracing, and anchor placements. So when Rick describes a concrete job as routine, he adds the caveat, "at least it's routine for us."


Heavy Industrial Concrete Projects

In the January issue of the Humble Words, the American Pan project featured a 600 feet concrete wall. This month, we take a peek at a recent concrete foundation pour for a customer in Marion, Ohio.

Concrete Slab Specifications:

  • 16" thick slab 105' long by 46' wide
  • 32 sets of anchor bolts consisting of 4 anchors per set
  • Monolithic turn down edge
  • Double mat of resteel


Setting the template for 32 sets of anchor bolts was an appreciable challenge on this job. The anchors not only had to be set in the correct location to begin with, but they had to remain in the correct location as the crew poured over 6400 cubic feet of concrete.

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