Humble Words February 2013

It's hard to believe that we have published 3 full years of our Humble Words newsletter. This issue marks the beginning of our 4th year. Some of you have received every one of them. Some of you have joined us recently. Either way, we appreciate the time you spend learning more about our services and some recent project successes we have had.
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Project Specs
Central Ohio
Project Scope:
Excavation 20 feet deep. Press Pit, Looping Pit, Scrap Conveyor Tunnel, Utility Trenches
Project Description:
The 4th press pit we constructed for this client.
Specific Challenges:
Because we were working inside an existing facility, we had to take special care to protect the structure. Excavation required an earth retention system on one side.
When it comes to the construction of press pits, nobody does it better than Humble Construction. Over the years we have developed specialized knowledge and experience in structural concrete applications. And nowhere is this more important than when you're building a press pit.

Press pits bring a set of challenges all their own. But Humble has seen them all, and we've solved them with our firm resolve to bring together the best possible team that can deliver a top-quality project on schedule and within budget.

We are in the process of finishing a press pit project that proves this. It required us to draw upon our years of experience, which was particularly helpful in the planning stages when we worked with building owners and other team members to predict and avoid potential problems.

On this particular job, the press pit was being installed inside an existing stamping facility. That meant that everything we did required additional attention and care to ensure the protection of the facility and factory personnel around us. We knew the excavation process was going to require special attention, so we worked with a structural engineer to develop an earth retention system on the one side. The other three sides were open excavation. Anticipating that need saved valuable time on the project while also implementing the highest level of safety parameters for pit construction.

Another time saver was our use of a gang form system that allowed us to construct the walls of the pit very quickly assuring our completion of the project on time. In fact, it took only four days from the time we started to assemble the forms to the time when the concrete walls were poured.

Very Tight Tolerances
You might think the construction of a concrete housing for a large piece of industrial equipment doesn't require a lot of precision. But that's not true.


The job these machines do is very precise and it requires an equally precise installation. That includes everything from ensuring that we bring match the grade of the existing structures to placing anchor bolts in the concrete with pinpoint accuracy.

Very few companies have the depth of experience that we have to claim the title of "Press Pit Pros." But Humble has been perfecting its skills for more than 50 years. Because we know that when it comes to building press pits, there's no room for the inexperienced. We have the respect of our clients, and the repeat business to prove it.


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