Humble Words February 2014


Thank you for reading another issue of our Humble Words newsletter. Many of our issues focus on industrial construction projects, so this month we are featuring a commercial construction project. While the challenges are different, the approach we use to completing the project as promised and to the complete satisfaction of our customer is the same.


  Getting the Details Right

Most renovation and construction projects rely on a common vision between the client and the construction company. When you achieve that, it's much easier for all of the details to fall into place. But when you're working for a major national hotel brand, there's an additional set of requirements that comes from "corporate headquarters".

  "Renovating a hotel is a sensitive job. Humble Construction was very respectful and responsive to our need to provide a quality guest experience while simultaneously updating our property. They understood the scope of their work would infringe upon our guests and did everything within their power to minimize inconvenience."

  -- Hotel General Manager

That's what we experienced in the 10,000 sq. ft. hotel renovation project we completed recently. Early in the process, we received a specifications that needed to be followed. Everything we worked with needed to be cross referenced with the spec book to make sure it matched the requirements. And don't forget this all was being done in the public space of an operating hotel, so we had to minimize the impact on the hotel's operation and its guests.

Humble Construction was able to rise to the challenge. We assembled a great team that could not only meet the construction needs of this project, but also could work closely with the hotel's general manager and staff. "He had to run his hotel, and we had to do our job," said Humble Construction's Project Manager Nick Pribonic. "The key was our ability to coordinate."

Construction without noise?
It's hard to imagine a construction project with a no-noise requirement, but when you're working among the guests in an operating hotel, you need to accommodate their needs. Several days throughout the project were declared to be "no noise" days. Our work area needed to be clean and we had to be out of the public eye while events were being held at the hotel. It was challenging to find quiet construction work to do during these days, but in order to keep the project on schedule, that's what we had to do.

The project included the removal of an existing dining room. We replaced it with a new restaurant and bistro including the kitchen area. We also renovated the guest lounge area, business center and exercise room, as well as the front office space. Our craftsmen enjoyed the challenge of getting the details right for all of the high-end finishing work including the wall murals, wall coverings, flooring and millwork.

Through all this, our team built something really special -- a completely satisfied customer.

When you need quality without the shortcuts, call Humble Construction for your next commercial construction or renovation project.


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