Humble Words January 2012

With this issue of Humble Words, we begin our third year of publishing this e-newsletter. In this issue, we highlight some creative solutions to building in a confined construction site. American Pan has partnered with Humble Construction to complete several other building expansions over the years, giving testament to Humble’s commitment to quality, innovation, and experience. Our current project is another example of that.


Humble Construction is in the process of completing construction on a 40,000 square feet building expansion for American Pan, but first it had to dig out of a tight construction site.

Creative thinking is a hallmark of Humble’s services. But this time it involved 8,000 cubic feet of dirt. Solving this challenge earned us the project -- and the continued respect of a long-time customer.

Wayne Ropp, the Humble project manager overseeing construction, estimates they removed 8,000 cubic yards of dirt from the job site before work could begin. Moving several thousand cubic yards of dirt may not pose a problem on the typical construction site; however, to reach the American Pan facility, large trucks would have to navigate narrow streets of Urbana, Ohio.

It would be next to impossible to get a tandem truck through the streets to haul the dirt out. In addition, the lay of the project site did not provide any opportunity to stock pile the dirt because the building expansion bumped up against neighboring buildings. This was a tight squeeze that provided one way in and one way out.

With a bit of Humble thinking, Wayne and his team came up with the idea that won over the owner. The Champaign County Fairgrounds sit adjacent to the American Pan facility, and through some negotiation, the fairgrounds allowed Humble to truck the dirt through the grounds. As it turned out, the Champaign Fairgrounds had some low spots that needed to be filled in, so Humble moved the dirt from the American Pan site to the fairgrounds, filled in the low spots and graded it.

The fairgrounds took almost all the dirt from the project. The little bit of dirt that remained was given to the city of Urbana. Wayne credits the “fairgrounds idea” as the reason American Pan awarded the project to Humble.

Thankfully, the dirt moving stage occurred prior to the start of the unseasonably wet weather that started late in the summer of 2011 and seems to have continued non-stop into 2012. The bad weather in central Ohio is creating its own problems with the construction schedule, but the building framework is now up and under roof, making the rain less of an issue.

Butler Brand Plays Key Role

The American Pan expansion uses a Butler Building. According to Wayne, the owner preferred Butler because he had previously built with Butler and was happy with the quality and performance of the buildings. Humble is an authorized Butler Builder® and uses the industry leading, pre-engineered buildings when they are a good fit for the project – and Butler fit perfectly with the American Pan expansion.

Butler worked with Humble to ensure they understood the project scope so they could supply the best quality building solution at a competitive price. Using a pre-engineered solution also shortens the construction time because some construction happens off-site while other on-site preparation, such as moving dirt, is taking place.

Concrete Experience

Finding innovative solutions for 8,000 cubic yards of dirt was not the only challenge on this building expansion. On two sides of the building, Humble formed and poured 600 feet of concrete walls. The concrete wall was ten feet high and 14 inches thick.

Because the new building was situated next to existing structures and landscaping that could not be disturbed, Humble had to ensure the walls were properly reinforced, requiring the large concrete forms to be used as support.

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