Humble Words January 2013

Happy New Year!
We know that was a few weeks ago and everyone has moved past the holiday season, but we want to take one more opportunity to thank our customers and employees who continue to help Humble Construction remain a leader in the construction industry. As we wrote this issue of Humble Words we were reminded about the value of doing good work and having great clients.
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Project Specs
Central Ohio
Project Size:
90,000 square feet
Project Description: Warehouse expansion to existing manufacturing facility.
Specific Challenges:
Tying the addition into an existing pre-cast building and relocating electrical equipment to the roof to make room for the addition.
While some construction companies might shy away from large projects or call for outside reinforcements, Humble Construction steps up to the challenge. In fact, our customers are so confident in the work we do that they call on us again for their second, third, fourth projects and beyond. That's because we prove ourselves as a reliable and effective resource on every project.

Humble is currently working on a 90,000 square foot expansion for a long-time client in the automotive part manufacturing industry in central Ohio. But the project requires more than just a simple foundation, four walls and a roof. From years of experience, this client knew that Humble had the special skills and experience to meet their unique challenges.

Building the structure isn't the only task at hand, however. The project requires site work like rerouting access drives and creating building plans to meet floodplain requirements. Early progress in this complex project has depended heavily on Humble's unique problem-solving expertise and site work.

From the start, we knew that the new structure would need to tie into the existing pre-cast concrete structure. Creating large penetrations through precast concrete has its own set of challenges. We also knew there were large electric transformers and other equipment outside the existing structure -- and we needed that space for the new project. After some careful planning, we determined that the best solution is to move the equipment to the roof.

Zero Impact on Production
image Most importantly, we've found a way to do all of this without disrupting the client's production. Part of what allows us to achieve this is our ability to self-perform even on large-scale projects such as this. To take that one step (or maybe a giant leap) beyond what other construction companies could achieve, we also will be fabricating the structural steel for the project. This helps us control the schedule and better match the existing building in a cost-effective way.


This project could be considered a challenge, but our long-time client trusted that Humble Construction was the right company to get it done efficiently and without costly downtime in their manufacturing process. For over 60 years, we've remodeled, renovated, and redesigned projects of all sizes and complexities. Our clients come to us for more than just construction. They come to us for high performance, quality, and on-time results. And Humble always delivers.

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Butler Manufacturing has introduced a new product that is very much worth your attention. Unlike typical skylights, the SunLite Strip System is designed to work with automatic lighting controls--smart sensors that adjust your interior lighting during peak daylight hours and have been proven to reduce electric lighting expenses up to 70%.

Download the PDF documents below or call Humble Construction for more information.

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