Humble Words July 2010

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Roof Repair Options

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Steel Fabrication

Special Projects
When it comes to leaky roofs, what comes in probably isn't the worst part of the situation. The energy that leaks out is often much more expensive.

Re-roofing is a long-term fix that can save you money. Humble uses roof systems from Butler® Manufacturing because they offer tremendous advantages over other solutions. Depending on the roof you currently have and what you want your building to look like after the project, we will choose either the metal-over-metal system or the slope build-up re-roof system from Butler.
  • Affordable. Installs over top of existing roof, avoiding demolition costs and preventing production downtime. And the extra insulation will save on energy costs.
  • Durable. Butler's MR-24® roof system is recognized as the longest-lasting roof available.
  • Attractive. Change the slope of your roof to give your building a new look.
  • Green. The MR-24 roof system meets cool roof standards for LEED and ENERGY STAR.
Good Work for Public Works

Many of the projects that we feature are for commercial organizations. However, Humble Construction has performed good work for many public works projects in the past. Just like their commercial counterparts, the public officials are able to recognize our abilities and our reputation for getting jobs done right.

Currently we are working on a wastewater treatment plant for the city of Bellefontaine, OH. Right now the plant sees 3.5 million gallons each day. The project will expand that to provide more capacity for the city.

One of the challenges has been to engineer ways to keep the plant operating even as we build pieces that change how the process flows. Humble Construction is working closely with the owners and plant operators to develop effective plans for when each phase of the project can be completed. This type of partnership is critical for successful construction projects, yet it is often overlooked by others. With experience spanning decades, Humble Construction has earned a reputation for our ability to collaborate with everyone involved to predict problems before they happen and keep the project on schedule.

image Project Specs
Bellefontaine, Ohio

Project Size:
Many renovations plus the construction of a new 5,026-square-foot structure.

Project Description:
Expansions and upgrades to existing wastewater treatment plant.

Specific Challenge:
Ensure that the plant can maintain normal operations while renovating portions of the process.
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