Humble Words June 2011

Once again, thank you for reading our Humble Words newsletter. This month we’re taking it on the road -- talking about projects that we have completed for our clients in places other than central Ohio. It’s not something we originally set out to do. But when you do a good job for your customers, they develop a trust in you and the work you do. Then they ask you to do more. And how can you say no to that?

 The Humble road show. Projects beyond central Ohio.

“Once our customers get to know our work, they take us with them no matter where the next project is located.”

- Matt Humble 
Humble Construction 

Like most construction companies, Humble Construction got its start with projects in a fairly small geographic area. It’s just the logical way for things to develop. But over the years several successful projects turned into dozens, and dozens turned into hundreds. In the process the number of satisfied customers has continued to grow.

At Humble, we go out of our way to build customer trust and prove to them that we’re looking out for their long-term interests to maximize the value of their investment. We’ve talked about this in several earlier newsletters. Like many other industries, when customers have a positive experience they come back to us for the next project. This process of creating satisfied customers has fueled our growth for decades.


At one point many years ago our circle of satisfied customers extended beyond a small radius in central Ohio. As customers grow, their construction needs start to spread to other areas. Because they know the quality of the work they get from us, they come back to Humble Construction to continue the success they had in the past.

For several years our customers have called on us to work on projects in various states around the country. We have completed projects from Michigan to Georgia and from Indiana to Texas. Here’s a small sampling of the work we’ve done.

  • imageInstalled conveyor systems and lifts at many sites across Michigan.
  • Renovated a warehouse in Greensburg, Indiana so that it could be set up for manufacturing and constructed a large trailer parking lot.
  • Completed building additions, renovations and other special projects at a manufacturing facility in Richmond, Indiana.
  • Constructed an additional building at a paper plant in Brunswick, Georgia.
  • Completed demolition, structural concrete and steel fabrication for a new line at a manufacturing facility in Texarkana, Texas.


It’s not always convenient or easy to work on projects when the jobsite is three or four states away. But it’s just another way that we do what’s right for our customers. And in a lot of ways, it’s an honor to know they respect our work enough to take us with them.


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