Humble Words June 2015


As we head into the summer months, there's no better time to shine the light on Humble's outstanding record of delivering on schedule. This is the time of year when most construction companies are very busy But we stand out when it comes to being responsive. Whether it's a bid from our office staff or the completion of your project, you can always count on Humble to deliver on time.

 Years of Planning
 Pay Off In The End

Every construction project has challenges we need to overcome. But some projects run longer and go deeper. That's the type of project we have been working on for a long-time client. We have completed many projects for them in the past. That's why they called Humble for this complex project.


"Our clients depend on us to hit our deadlines so they can begin production and meet their commitments."

--Lance Humble

We have been working toward a July 2015 deadline for two years. And true to Humble standards, we're confident we'll hit the mark. But it hasn't been without challenges. The sheer scope of the project was challenging enough but when you discover obstacles like groundwater with volume equivalent to an underground river it really puts your team to the test.

The project got started back in 2013 when Humble worked with the owner to plan the project and create the construction documents. In fact, we did six months of planning work before we put a single shovel in the ground. From the start, we knew it would be an expansive, complex project including:

  • high bay expansion of an existing facility where all operations (including trucking) needed to be maintained
  • two concrete press pits with strict tolerances for the embeds and tight delivery deadlines
  • scrap tunnels and discharge conveyance systems
  • external truck scale that interfaces with the conveyor system
  • overhead cranes

In total, there were five major equipment suppliers that Humble coordinated with for construction specifications, shop drawings and delivery schedules. Once the equipment was installed, the Humble team continued its work, installing miscellaneous steel for walk and traffic surfaces.

Confidence in the Humble Team
From the beginning, our client knew July was their startup date -- when they needed to start producing parts with the newly installed equipment. Humble gave them confidence that they would hit that deadline based on our excellent project management process and our track record of delivering on time.

For nearly 70 years, Humble Construction has been creating confidence in our team by delivering well built, well managed projects on schedule.


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