Humble Words March 2012

Thank you for reading another issue of our Humble Words newsletter. We are pleased to be in the third year of publishing this monthly communication to our customers and friends. We have talked about the design/build approach in previous newsletters, but it is a topic that we continue to receive a lot of questions about. We hope this issue provides information and insights that you find useful.

Learn more about design/build in Humble's Ten Advantages of Design/Build whitepaper.


The design/build approach enhances the construction process in ways that a conventional construction process cannot. And Humble Construction's team-based approach makes it even better. We use our unique ability to assemble the right team for the project and align every party's objectives to focus on a single goal of delivering a quality product on schedule.

The design/build approach allows the owner to place project responsibility and control under a single contract. The owner is always a member of the design/build team, ensuring that that all parties work toward that common goal. As a member of the team, the owner can influence the process while at the same time rely upon a single source for professional construction management to ensure that project specifications are met.


  • Greater control of budget and timeframes.
  • Guaranteed total cost before construction begins.
  • Faster design drawings and construction starts.
  • More flexibility for changes and alterations.
  • Earlier occupancy.
  • Lower total time and cost.

Design-Build Diagram

By contrast, in the conventional design/bid/build approach to construction, the project emphasis often turns to lowering costs by cheapening components, equipment, and fixtures. There are, however, inherent problems with the conventional approach.



  • Plans and specifications must be completed before firm costs are established. If over budget, the project must be redesigned or go back to management for additional funds.
  • When bidding for the project, the successful general contractor's performance will be to the minimum requirements of the plans and specifications.
  • Project responsibility is divided between architect, engineers, owner, and contractors. If the owner has a problem, he goes to the architect. The architect goes to the contractor. Discrepancies start to appear. Finger pointing inevitably ensues.
  • There is no team alignment.


Most projects can benefit from using the design/build approach. Humble can help to guide you through the process and determine if it's right for your project. Typically, we can lower your overall costs while increasing your overall satisfaction, flexibility, sustainability, and savings. We do this by assembling the right team, focusing on quality, and, when appropriate, using pre-engineered solutions.


The Parker Hannifin facility in Columbus, OH is an example of a project that relied on teamwork and the design/build approach to renovate 30,000 square feet of existing office space in addition to the new construction of 15,000 square feet. For the renovation, Humble totally gutted the existing offices in carefully planned phases so the Parker employees could comfortably continue daily operations with minimal disruption. The new construction included modern office spaces, restrooms, a lobby, cafeterias, and conference rooms.

Parker Hanifin Interior

Parker Hannifin also wanted to update the exterior of the office, so Humble started by changing the fascia design and installing architectural metal panels. But that was just the start. Humble also installed new horizontal metal siding panels over the existing plant walls to update the appearance of the exterior of the 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

All aspects of the construction project were carefully planned. Working together, Humble and Parker staff organized the project into several phases to keep the plant in operation at all times. This ensured Parker of maximum production efficiency throughout the process. And more importantly it resulted in a project that was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

If you would like to explore the benefits of the design/build approach for your next project, call Humble Construction at the very earliest planning stage.

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