Humble Words March 2013

Thank you for taking time to read our Humble Words newsletter. Traditionally we have written about our services and recent project successes. But this month we want to talk about our Safety Program. First and foremost, it ensures the wellbeing of our worker. But it also plays a part in every successful project. Yet it rarely gets the recognition it deserves.
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In a perfect world, accidents never happen. Unfortunately, hazards abound on job sites and, therefore, the risk is always present. It's simply part of the world we live it. That's why Humble Construction always has put safety first...and always.

Working in construction without a highly developed safety program would be like driving without having your child in a proper safety seat restraint. Sure, it's the law, but that's not why you do it. The wellbeing of those involved is so much more important than the bounds of the fines you might face. Creating a safe work environment is top priority for our employees and our clients.


Although we rarely talk about it, we are proud of our award-winning safety program. With an industry-leading EMR of only .61, our program is proven to help our employees work safer and help maintain our clients' risk management requirements. (The average EMR for our industry is 1.0.)

When clients require contractors to complete a prequalification process, we understand that they value safety as much as we do. We are proud of our membership in several third-party prequalification systems such as ISNetworld and Safety Management Inc. We continue to update our information in these systems to maintain our status as an approved contractor as well as being approved for all of our clients' own internal safety systems.

The Humble Construction safety program might be more demanding than what some other construction companies require, but we know that safety is good business for everyone. Not only does it ensure the long-term health of our employees but it also helps to get the work done on time and within budget. Those overarching objectives are what we focus on and they're why we require our subcontractors to conform to our safety standards as well.

From a weekly safety audit performed by our Director of Safety to monthly, weekly and daily safety meetings headed up by the project supervisor on the jobsite, Humble Construction has established a culture of safety that is proven to be effective and has been recognized by our peers in the industry as something worth modeling.

If you have any questions about our safety program, or our information in the third-party prequalification systems, please contact our Director of Safety (and prequalification manager) Gary Slagle or our Corporate Office Administrative Assistant Buffy Cayot

Meet Our Director of Safety

Gary Slagle joined Humble Construction in December 2012 after a 33-year career at the Ohio Department of Transportation. While there Gary served as Transportation Manager III, which gave him responsibility for the oversight of projects from the very early stage preconstruction meetings through finalization.

Gary brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to his position at Humble Construction. His experience running and inspecting large-scale projects for the construction of roads, bridges, and drainage as well as highway maintenance prepared him for the role of Director of Safety at Humble.

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