Humble Words May 2013

Over the years, we have written about many different types of construction projects in our Humble Words newsletter. This month we chose to bring back a topic that we have featured in a few previous issues. Tenant Improvement isn't always the type of work commonly associated with Humble Construction, but we have quite a history of successful projects.

A tenant improvement project is like the icing on a cake. It covers up the mundane-looking part of a building with a user friendly, appealing finish that is personalized to your specific occasion. The business that some of our clients are in require a nice effective finishing touch with only a few swirls here and there. But others are in the business of creating a high-end image for their clients, so they demand much more of a "wedding cake" flair.

Humble Construction's Tennant Improvement Division has experience working with a wide range of clients to determine just what those finishing touches need to be. We work closely with both the client and their architect in some cases. Other times we can help the client set the vision and build it out into a magnificent reality.

Working for an exacting client is just as demanding for Humble as it is for employees who have their work critiqued. "It is challenging to make sure the client and architect have their design intent met. Our repeat business is proof that we are able to get the job done right," said Dave Kraft, TI Senior Project Manager.

Because most of the buildings we work in are occupied, with limited access, and critical schedules these project are always under constant pressure. But for Humble's Tennant Improvement Division, that's part of the thrill of working on tenant improvements. "You have to run the whole project, and do dozens of new projects every year. It's very exciting," said Kraft. "But nothing's more satisfying than seeing your clients' eyes light up when they walk into their new space for the first time."

If you're moving into new space or just want to breathe new life into the space you have, give us a call. We'll help you explore the possibilities and create the environment that's right for you.

Meet our newest TI Project Manager
Nick Pribonic joined Humble Construction's Tenant Improvement Division in early 2013. He brings nearly 10 years of experience leading tenant improvement projects through Project Superintendent positions at other companies in our region. But Nick's experience goes beyond that. He has been immersed in construction his whole life. Growing up, he worked for his father's door company, which sold to general contractors. Later he worked directly for some general contractors.

Nick will work with our clients on their build out projects from start to finish. From assessing the space and developing the plan to managing every step of the construction process, Nick will be there to answer questions and ensure a quality and timely finished project.

IREM Trade Show
Humble Construction participated in the annual Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) trade show in March this year. Through activities such as this, our Tenant Improvement Division stays connected to the latest ideas and developments in the industry. That translates to greater value for our Tenant Improvement clients because Humble can guide them through the process and create the interior space that they need.


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