Humble Words May 2015


Humble Construction is able to deliver on a wide range of construction services. That's why we say we Raze the Standards in the construction industry. We had the opportunity to prove that once again with a large facility construction project this Spring. Manufacturers can't afford downtime due to construction delays. That's why the rely on us to get the job done well -- on budget, on schedule.

Heavy Metal
(and Concrete) for Manufacturing Plant

When a manufacturing plant needs to expand, they know they can count on Humble Construction. These projects always have strict timelines dictated by their production demands. Any delay in the construction project can cost them big, so keeping everything on schedule is a must -- especially when the timeline is tight.


"Manufacturers simply can't have construction delays."

--Lance Humble

Manufacturing plants typically don't expand a little at a time. This was no exception. The enhanced production capacity required 61,000 square feet, which Humble enclosed with a pre-engineered steel building. That also helped with the timeline. We were able to erect the metal structure in approximately two weeks and the siding and roofing went on in four weeks.

The concrete work was another critical requirement, and the client knew Humble had the experience to get it done right. Heavy manufacturing puts extra stress on the concrete flooring, so it requires a construction company with special knowledge of industrial concrete projects. Nowhere was this more important than in the manufacturing machine bays. This structure included two crane/machine bays that are 50 feet wide each, that support around-the-clock production operations. A key element of that area is also a heavy industrial concrete floor that can take the wear and tear that our client requires.

This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2015, and as usual the Humble Construction team is already positioned to make sure that will happen.


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