Humble Words November 2010

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Steel Fabrication

Special Projects
Did you know that Humble Construction Company has its own steel fabrication facility? For many projects, we fabricate the structural and miscellaneous steel needed. Here is a list of the types of products we can fabricate.

Structural Steel,
Miscellaneous Steel,
Steel Stairs & Railing,
Press Pit Steel,

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Sooner or later, it becomes unavoidable—you have to replace your building’s roof.

As with everything in your business, you have several options to choose from. Some are less expensive, but don’t last as long. Others cost more up front but give you a much better total cost of ownership. Whenever possible, we like to install Butler’s MR-24® standing seam metal roof system. It is widely regarded as the best roof available because it is specifically designed for weather-tight performance even under the most demanding conditions like those we see here in Ohio.

If your building currently has a flat roof with a rubber membrane, you can upgrade to an MR-24 roof. We’ll just use a slope build-up installation to give you the advantages of a metal roof system. Butler offers a 25-year warranty on the MR-24 roof system, which is significantly better than warranties offered by other products. That’s important when you calculate the lifecycle cost of this roof compared to others that you could install.

imageBut did you ever wish you could make productive use of all that space on your roof? You have heard about it in the past, but recent advances in technology and reduced costs of production help solar panels produce a viable return on investment. Using solar energy can help meet any green initiative goals you might have. And there are government incentive programs at the federal and state levels that can help to defray the costs. You can visit for more information about government incentives.

The MR-24 metal roof system is an ideal match for mounting solar panels. Remember, the 25-year warranty that we mentioned earlier? That’s critical when you think about mounting solar panels on your roof. You don’t want to think about having to replace the roof before you reach to the useful life of the solar panels that are mounted on top of it.

With the option to get a pay-back from the initial investment, it makes that re-roof project seem less burdensome.

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