Humble Words November 2011

At Humble construction, we have a long history of going the extra mile to do what's right for our customers. This applies to our Tenant Improvement work as well as our Industrial or Commercial Construction. In this issue of Humble Words, we point out a current market opportunity to negotiate favorable lease terms and we highlight a project where some creative thinking helped a client move in on time.

"There's a lot of dealing to be done in tenant improvements," says Dave Kraft, Director of Tenant Improvements for Humble's Special Projects Division. While many businesses may be hesitant to commitment to new expenses, there are incredible deals to be had.

"I can state without reservation that Dave, his team, and Humble were outstanding!"

-- Mark Kitrick

   Kitrick, Lewis, & Harris Co.

Property owners need to fill their facilities with tenants. As a business owner, you can take advantage of the current market to negotiate favorable lease terms, including tenant improvement allowances. Tenant improvement allowances are provided by the property owner to cover the cost of retrofitting a space to the tenant's needs.

Humble Construction can help business owners take advantage of current economic conditions to upgrade their office space and invest in company growth. That's what Mark Kitrick, Esquire, recently did when he enlisted the help of Humble Construction to renovate a prime office space for little out-of-pocket expense.


Humble Construction recently completed an office renovation for Columbus-based consumer protection lawyer Mark Kitrick. The office space was designed in a Mondrian style and features energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the office. However, the LED lighting presented problems to the build-out timeline.

Because the LED lights are new technology, they were hard to find. The LED lights for the renovation at Kitrick, Lewis, & Harris Co. would have taken three months to arrive, which could have delayed the move-in. As a work-around, Dave Kraft, Director of Tenant Improvements for Humble Construction, recommended that all lights be fitted with fluorescent bulbs during the initial build out. Then, when the LED lights arrived, Humble would replace the fluorescent lighting with the modern, environmentally friendly LED lighting.


It would have been just as easy for Humble to allow the lighting problem to derail Kitrick's move-in date. But that's not the Humble way. With just a bit of creative thinking, Humble met the agreed upon deadlines, saving the client additional carrying costs that would have resulted from a late move-in.

Mark Kitrick offers his perspective, "Having dealt with many other contractors in the past, we wondered how Dave and Humble would compare. I can state without reservation that Dave, his team, and Humble were outstanding! The high ethics, passion, care, timeliness, honor, workmanship, and desire to please are unparalleled."

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