Humble Words November 2012

Thank you for reading another issue of Humble Words. Since we started publishing this monthly e-newsletter nearly three years ago, we have covered many topics and we highlighted several notable projects. But very few have tested our planning and endurance more than the project we present this month. Read on to learn how we accomplished the task.
Project Goal
Renovate an existing steel mill to allow for the addition of new equipment.

• Demolition of a second floor inside the existing facility.
• Maintain the safety of all workers involved.
• Shore up existing structure as the demolition progressed.
• Add new steel framing that is strong enough to support the new equipment.
• Pour an elevated concrete slab on the new second floor structure.
• Get it all done in a six-day window to avoid impact on the customer's production schedule.

Humble Construction accomplished what others might have considered to be impossible. With weeks of planning, safety conferences before each shift and flawless execution, we completed the project on time with no safety incidents and zero impact on our customer's production.

The construction business is filled with variety. Sometimes you're working on the same job month after month to put up a new structure. Other times you're moving your equipment in for a one-day renovation project. And sometimes, you're asked to do something that sounds impossible. At first.

A longtime, loyal customer of Humble Construction was planning the addition of some new equipment. They knew it would require some modifications to their existing facility, so they initiated conversations with our Field Operations Manager, Rick Nease. As the plans were finalized, the customer realized that the only way to avoid interfering with their production schedule was to do the renovation project during a planned shut-down of their steel mill.

That's when things got interesting.

The scope of the project was significant. We had to start with the demolition of an existing structure that housed the second floor of the facility. The steel that had to be removed was massive. As we removed the old materials, we had to shore up the existing structure and add a heavier steel framing that is strong enough to support the new equipment. But since all of this this was taking place inside their manufacturing plant, there were no clear pathways to move the materials in and out. That meant we had to use a single, small opening which affected the overall efficiency of the project.

Under normal conditions we would have planned for nearly 20 days. In this case we had six.

For Six Days, We Never Left the Jobsite.
Like we said earlier, it seemed impossible at first. But we dug in and started planning. Days before the planned shut-down we had our game plan established. We selected a dozen of Humble's best employees, organized the job into 12-hour shifts and worked around the clock. It required a special group of people to accomplish this task. Fortunately, that's exactly what we had.

Meeting the schedule while maintaining the highest level of safety was essential, and Humble achieved both. "I can't say enough about the pure grit and determination our workers displayed during the completion of this project. It made me proud," Nease said.

Jobs like this make it clear what we mean when we say we Raze the Standards. Challenge us on your next construction project, and we'll show you how we can Raze the Standards for you too.



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