Humble Words November 2014


We are truly thankful.

With Thanksgiving upon us and the holiday season just around the corner, we want to take time to express thanks to all of our clients, vendors and employees who helped to make 2014 a successful year for us here at Humble Construction. Each year brings challenges, but together we can solve them all.


 Making it Look Easy--
 Tenant Improvement.


In the construction business, some project can be deceiving.
For example, some companies might be tempted to look past a 2,000 sq. ft. tenant improvement project, thinking that the details will take care of themselves. But at Humble Construction, we know better. We know we need to be at our best every time we step on the job site, whether it is 2,000 sq. ft. or 2,000 acres. That's because anything less can lead to mistakes, or worse, accidents.

  To be respectful of the other businesses in the building, we did all of the work at night.

That was the setting when we started a project at the One East Campus View building on the north side of Columbus. Our job was to completely renovate the interior and exterior of the primary entrance for the second and third floor offices. From start to finish, it was scheduled to last only one month, which doesn't seem very long. But when you look at it from the perspective of the office space tenants upstairs and the retail businesses on the first floor who needed to continue doing business throughout the construction, one month can seem like a very long time.

To be respectful of the other businesses in the building and in the surrounding area, we did all of the work at night. But that didn't mean in the evenings, because while the hair salon and dentist would have been closed by then, the restaurant was just getting started. We took care to plan around everyone -- the daytime tenants in the salon, dentist and the office workers, as well as the nighttime tenants in the restaurant next door.

There were relatively short periods of time when we could do the work, so everything needed to be extremely well planned. It required a lot of communication among our team and with the client to ensure everything was completed just right and to keep everyone safe during the process.

Minimizing the Disruption


The project started with the demolition of the existing storefront, which was an all-glass atrium type construction. We also had to remove some existing concrete to prepare for the new construction. We knew this would be the most disruptive portion of the project, so we scheduled it for a Saturday. As a result of good planning and our focused team, we had only eight hours during the whole project when the entrance to the offices was completely shut down. From that point on, we were able to provide access to the facility one way or another.

The new revolving door required a fresh concrete foundation. While that might seem like a basic task, it actually required extreme precision to ensure that the revolving door was in the exact center of the opening. That was the only way we could guarantee that the glass wall surround would fit properly. Thanks to decades of experience with meeting tight tolerances on concrete work, our team hit the mark. The storefront was completely enclosed again within 24 hours.

As the project came to a close, we completed the interior tile work and the finishing touches were put on the exterior awning, taking care to follow the existing roof line so everything fit seamlessly with the look of the building.


There is no substitute for the experience that Humble brings to every project, large or small and our commitment to the needs of our clients.

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