Humble Words October 2010

Humble Words is a monthly email newsletter that we began publishing to communicate with our customers (both past and future) about topics that are important during construction projects. The hard facts about concrete is the topic this month. If you missed our previous issues, you can read them here.
Humble Services:
Steel Fabrication
Special Projects
From new facilities, remodeling and renovation to specialty concrete, steel fabrication and custom projects, Humble Construction has the resources to meet your needs for any construction project. And we've been delivering on that promise for more than 64 years.

More importantly, we strive to exceed your expectations for quality work that is completed within the planned timeframe and budget. That's not only how we work. It's who we are.


Concrete work is an important portion of virtually every construction project. Sometimes the whole project literally is all about the concrete. In other cases, the concrete needs to fill a specialty role within a larger construction project. Our extensive experience with concrete projects makes us recognized specialists in several specialty areas.

Structural concrete applications require specialized knowledge and experience. These skills go beyond the obvious capabilities of pouring a concrete slab. Humble Construction has been providing these services for more than a half century. So from the design to the job site, we can work with you and your equipment manufacturer to get the job done right.

Humble's Concrete Experience

Industrial Press Pits
Equipment Foundations
Injection Press Foundations
Structural Floor Slabs
Precast Concrete Walls
Sidewalks & Stairs
Concrete Parking Lots
Isolation Pads
Concrete Tunnels
Containment Pits
Hydro-Form Press Pits
Stamping Press Pits
Concrete Remediation


We have gained a special skill set and an experience level that sets us apart from other contractors. For example, very few other contractors can show you the same number of heavy structural foundations and press pit construction projects as we have completed. This includes highly specialized projects such as hydro forming and stamping pits.

However, you don't have to wait until you have a complex concrete project to need the skills that we offer. Our capabilities are equally applicable for more basic concrete needs, from dock pits to equipment foundation to concrete parking lots. We can handle all your concrete projects, large or small, with the attention to detail that ensures long-term durability of your concrete system. And we'll keep them all on time and on budget.

The advantages of working with Humble Construction doesn't start on the job site. Our office team is highly experienced with more than 30 years of engineering and construction expertise. It's the only way you can be sure that every time you communicate with someone about your project, that it will be handled with the expertise and results-driven attitude that has created so many satisfied customers over the past six decades.

Whether you need help coming up with the right design for the job, or meeting tough delivery schedules, our team is just a phone call away.
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