Humble Words October 2013

Construction is a critical process for any organization, large or small. There's a reason you are taking on this project, and it has nothing to do with construction itself. Rather, it has everything to do with your business and the opportunities you see. This month we talk about Humble's approach the the construction process and how we stay focused on your needs.
 What's Driving
 Your Business?


At Humble, we take the time to understand the drivers that are creating the need for your construction project. These drivers are the very reasons you need a building in the first place. Then we make sure that every aspect of these drivers are considered from the design all the way to occupancy. We know your purpose for building is being driven by one of these motivating factors:

  "We make sure that every aspect of these drivers are considered from the design all the way to occupancy."

People and Process
Supporting workflow and productivity, recruit/retain issues and availability and cost of labor.

Serve the Customer
Are you launching a new product or service? Do you want to provide a compelling customer experience?

Reduce Expenses
Addressing your need to manage your initial investment or monthly costs of operation, whether it is utility or churn costs.

Business Dynamics
Things that many people don't consider when thinking about a new building, like fostering innovation or supporting a cultural change.

Innovation Comes from Thinking Differently.
Humble Construction is different than conventional builders and developers because we have a focus of efforts on exceeding four fundamental business objectives with our Construction Principles.

Above all else, buildings and their interiors should be designed for the people who work and live inside them. The best building gives individuals what they want: control over their own air, light, acoustics, technology access, and work tools. The productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency that people bring to their daily work is in direct proportion to their satisfaction with their environment and work tools.

People work in many settings and businesses are changing faster than ever. That means the work environment must be completely flexible and changeable. Smarter bay sizes and core placements allow for greater planning flexibility and a greater degree of usable space. Expand and contract quickly with Humble high performance buildings that manage the air, power, voice and data, acoustics, and lighting.

The workplace should be people- and eco-sensitive, with sunlight, fresh air, and natural sounds. The goals of a Humble high performance building include consuming less utility expenses than a traditional building. Humble contributes less pollution by making responsible material choices and using an environmentally friendly construction process.

Instead of lowering costs by cheapening our components, equipment and fixtures, we lower our costs (and pass the savings on to you) by using methods outlined for quality, pre-engineering, direct purchasing, and componentization.

When you want help putting true business purpose behind your construction project, give us a call.

By building value for our customers, we ensure the best solution every time.

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