Humble Words October 2014


Humble Words is a newsletter that we launched several years ago. The goal was to communicate to our past and potential customers about the wide-ranging capabilities we have here at Humble. Sometimes we even surprise ourselves. This month we recap a unique project built with structural concrete. Humble specializes in concrete construction of all types.


 Structures Built With
 Structural Concrete.


We are currently finishing work on one of the most highly visible projects we've ever worked on. It's highly visible because that was the whole reason for the project. Our client is a national media company and they had us construct three concrete towers to display wallscape advertising that is visible to more than 350,000 people per day.

  Humble is a recognized authority in specialized concrete construction and tenant improvement office projects.

As we were completing the work on the concrete towers, we started construction on the company's new three-story office building. The company had a vision for the look and feel of their new offices, so they worked with a design firm to create the plans and drawings. But because the entire structure was planned to be structural concrete and high end office space, Humble Construction was a natural choice.

Our experience with concrete projects and tenant improvement office projects spans countless projects over several decades. We are a recognized authority in specialized concrete and tenant improvement construction projects such as this.

In addition to the sign towers that stretch hundreds of feet into the air, this particular project also involved a three-story structure that is constructed entirely with concrete supported, suspended slabs. We did some research and found the best system for the concrete forms, and we self-performed all of the work.


The site where the new building is being constructed formerly was used as a concrete batch plant. Some hints of the previous use remain such as the round material gravel silos. Rather than removing them, the client chose to have them incorporated into the design of the building. After appropriate inspection and reinforcements for structural integrity, those silos are now part of the new building. It was an interesting challenge to incorporate these elements into the new building, and it definitely will be a standout feature of this unique office space.

The client's vision for the interior design is reflective of the site's industrial heritage. They want the look of exposed, form-finished concrete. It creates a modern, industrial flair design that is unmistakable.

Safety and Schedule
When it came to safety, the Humble Construction team came through as usual. There was a phase of the project when we were working on the concrete towers and the office structure at the same time. Our crews had to be alert to the activity surrounding them. In fact, there was a period in the project when we were setting steel on the concrete towers while we were setting forms and pouring concrete on the office structure just a short distance away.

When you have a unique construction challenge, call Humble Construction. We make challenging projects run smoothly.

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