Humble Words October 2015


"Take care of your customers and they will take care of you." That's a bit of popular wisdom that nearly everyone has heard, but surprisingly some companies are not able to accomplish. It's an area where Humble excels. We understand that a construction project is not our client's goal, but rather it is a process between them and what they need. So the easier we make it the happier they are.

 Another Expansion for
 a Long Term Client.

American Pan has worked with Humble Construction for decades. As the world's leading manufacturer of custom bakery pans they have seen a lot of growth over the years. And when they have needed expanded office space or additional manufacturing capacity, they have called upon Humble to take care of their construction needs.

The project we completed recently involved a two-story expansion to extend the office space for the company's engineering department. At the same time, we expanded the break room on the ground floor. But the real challenge started before we worked on any of the structure itself.

Based on where the existing structure was located, there was very little room on the property to expand operations, so we had to get creative. By reworking the project site to expand the footprint of the available property, we were able to come up with a great solution within the tight parameters and enhance property with an attractive retaining wall.

The site work also required us to lower an existing water line and move a force main sewer line, because they ran through the area where the new building project was planned.

The construction of the structure was challenging as well. It was winter when we had to tie into the existing building, so we made special efforts to shield the client's employees from the cold, and not impact plant operations. We worked with some very interesting materials to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the new space and create a cutting edge modern/transitional work environment. The client chose a unique Brazilian wood siding material that looks amazing and yet creates a functional rain barrier. It required a few extra steps in the installation process to get the look we were going for, but the end result made it well worth the effort. We also used a polished concrete on the break room floor and a Dryvit plaster finish on the interior walls to finish off the modern look and feel of the building.

But one of the most unique features isn't visible to the casual observer. This project required the structure to be tornado resistant, and we even installed hurricane shutters on the inside to protect the building in the event of a serious storm. This project is the perfect match of modern curb appeal with hidden strength.

Happy Clients
Keep Coming Back.

Humble Construction has worked on nearly every expansion and renovation project at American Pan for the past two decades because we make sure everyone is focused on what's important, the successful completion of the project. Just as important, we have demonstrated our ability to work with the client through challenges and resolve the issues that come up during construction projects with the results the client required. As usual, the client's productivity was not affected over the life of the project and they are very happy with the final results.

Let us show you why our long term clients are so satisfied with Humble Construction. Give us a call for your next project.

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