Humble Words September 2011

Of the many things that we have discussed in our Humble Words newsletter, we think the design/build process is among the most important. We have come to realize that we just can't say enough about the advantages it offers. So we're sharing it again this month.
Design/build is simply a different approach to the construction process. Using this approach, the building owner places the project responsibility under the control of a single design/build firm. Many times, it offers significant savings of time and costs for the building owner.

In contrast, the design/bid/build approach spreads responsibilities across various different companies (architects, general contractor, construction company, etc.) who then have to work together to get the job done for the building owner. By nature, it extends the point at which a construction cost is established and it nearly always results in higher costs and longer overall project timelines.


One of the many advantages of being an authorized Butler Builder® is that Humble can offer Butler's industry-leading products through the design/build construction process. When the project is a good fit for these pre-engineered products, Humble can use them to provide increased design flexibility and shorter construction times. More importantly, it lets us do what we do best—deliver exactly what the customer wants within the established budget and schedule.

Along with the convenience and control defined above, the design/build approach offers:
  •  Guaranteed total cost before construction begins.
  •  Faster design drawings and construction starts.
  •  More flexibility for changes and alterations.
  •  Earlier occupancy.
  •  Lower total time and cost.

The Best of Both Worlds
Butler also lets us combine traditional construction and pre-engineered building systems to meet the exact needs of a project. Based on detailed planning and our decades of construction experience, we can use Butler's pre-engineered building systems for part of the project and use traditional construction processes where it's a better fit.

Contact Humble Construction to talk through the details and determine if the design/build construction process is right for your next construction project.
Design/Build Advantages
  •  Single-Source Responsibility
  •  Project Cost Established Sooner
  •  Less Time
  •  More Innovative Solutions
  •  Greater Control
  •  Team Approach
  •  More Experience
  •  Unequaled Quality
  •  Fewer Changes
  •  Improved Risk Management
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