Humble Words September 2012

Thank you for taking time to read our Humble Words newsletter. With each issue we strive to share interesting information and profiles of projects that we have completed recently. Every construction is different, but as we have explained through this newsletter, the Humble Construction approach has produced successful projects for many years.
Project Specs

10,000 square feet of ceiling

Remove and dispose old ceiling

Replace with new, washable tiles

Project was for a food processing plant, which was in production while we worked

Tight work areas, tanks and hundreds of pipes below and near ceilings

Nearly 400 pipe penetrations needed to be closed off with pipe boots

Walls and Slabs on grade have high quality, smooth face finish.

Special detail given to precision layout of pit, piers, and embedded steel.

Every so often, Humble Construction finds itself looking back at a successful project that others either said could not be done or simply would not even try to do. Our recent project to replace 10,000 square feet of ceiling for a food processing plant (and repeat customer) is another example of this.

At first it appeared to be a very basic project: remove the existing drop ceiling and replace it with a new one. But then we started to get the details. First, it was 10,000 square feet of ceiling, which is big, but was not a concern for our experienced crew. Then we realized that the plant would remain in production during our project. We often work with manufacturing plants who need to remain in production, but being a food processing plant, it required an additional level of attention to prevent any risk of contamination.

The last piece of the challenge was in the facility itself. Tight work areas, tanks and hundreds of pipes below and near ceiling made it difficult to maneuver as we pulled the old tiles out and installed the new one. Plus, there were nearly 400 places throughout the ceiling where the pipes had to come down through the ceiling, requiring our craftsmen to carefully fit the new tiles around the pipes and seal it for both cosmetic and sanitary purposes.


This job was completed through Humble Construction’s Special Projects Division. We established this division many years ago because construction projects come in many sizes and levels of complexity. Our Special Projects Division maintains the right mix of skilled workers and other resources to ensure that we can do the job. This group has successfully completed all types of projects from demolition, site services and concrete work to tenant build out and carpentry work.
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Meet Matt Hull, Business Development / Special Projects Manager


Humble Construction is pleased to introduce our new Business Development / Special Projects Manager, Matt Hull.

Matt comes to us with more than 10 years of experience in business development, estimating and project management of Special Projects for a variety of clients, including industrial/manufacturing, commercial, public works, religious facilities, medical, educational and zoological. His past experience includes oversight of projects with contract amounts ranging from a couple thousand dollars to $10 million. He has always focused on building and maintaining personal relationships with clients and subcontractors.

"I want to make Humble Construction the contractor of choice for my clients," Matt says. "As the Business Development / Special Projects Manager, my name is stamped on every project for every client. I oversee the work and expect to meet the high standards of quality, craftsmanship, and safety on every project that our clients require no matter size or complexity. I have a passion for Construction, and building relationships with our customers. Give Humble Construction the opportunity to “Raze the Standards” for you!"

Matt lives in Bellefontaine with his wife, Michelle, and 3 young boys (Peyton, Garrett and Aiden).

Read Matt's complete intro here.


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