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When you've been in the construction business as long as we have, you accumulate knowledge about a lot of different things. Sometimes you develop deep knowledge in a specific area based on years of experience and innovative thinking. For Humble Construction, one of those specialties is in the construction of machine foundations and press pits.
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When the tolerances are only thing tighter than the schedule, you can rely on Humble Construction. New machine foundations and press pits require a very specific kind of skill and experience. Humble has become known for our ability to assess your needs and deliver a plan that improves buildability while minimizing costs.

  "With Humble, you are free to imagine a more productive,
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Currently, we're in construction phases on ten different machine foundation projects. The one shown above brought plenty of challenges including the fact that it needed to be constructed inside an existing facility within five feet of the existing building column foundations.

This is a new client who has not used us previously. They brought us in because we understand the requirements for critical concrete applications like this specialty machine foundation and because of our past experience with other clients on similar projects. For example, the very detailed layout included heavily reinforced concrete plus 62 points on the foundation that needed to be blocked out for future connection points. And if that wasn't enough pressure, all work is being completed to meet a tight delivery schedule for the equipment installation and the client's production needs.


This is what we do at Humble Construction. We find ways to assemble the right team and partner with our clients to produce the results they need. And we have delivered those results reliably across many industries including automotive, agriculture, chemical, electronics, food products, manufacturing, medical, paper & paper products, steel fabrication, rubber & plastics, mold & die, and fluid power.

When you have a critical project, remember you can count on Humble Construction. Our experience will give you an efficient construction project that is cost-effective to build. Better yet, you'll know you can rely on our work as the foundation for the work you'll do with your new equipment.

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